Successfully train your Cane Corso, with a range of options. At Mountain State Cane Corso we understand that buying a Cane Corso puppy is only the beginning for you as the owner. This is why we offer a full range of Cane Corso training. We can assist and walk you through any training issue. Below are a few examples of the the Cane Corso training and advice we offer:

Assertiveness – Cane Corso training is all about pack structure and teaching your Italian Mastiff his rank in the new pack. Humans are always Alpha and to establish a healthy pack structure Corso puppies should not sleep in your bed, eat from the table, or pull you down the street on a walk. This may come across harsh but you will gain your puppy’s respect and have a more obedient family companion. Setting basic ground rules for your puppy from the beginning will help you condition your pet to be a stable and happy adult. Healthy pack structure is absolutely essential to a great family companion.

Housebreaking – Crate training not only keeps your puppy safe while you are not watching, but also an excellent tool for housebreaking since puppies naturally do not like to poop where they sleep. Puppies should always be crated at night and when you are not home. The puppy needs to be taken outside everytime the crate is opened and should not be crated for more then a few hours at a time.

Behavior Training – A young Corso is a bit like a young child learning its place in the world. They will constantly push the boundaries to see your reaction and judge there status in your home. It is important for every member of your family to be firm and conistent leaders correcting and rewarding towards desired behaviors.