Cane Corso: The Perfect Protector And Family Pet!

Mountain State Cane Corso is located in beautiful central West Virginia. We are a small Cane Corso breeder dedicated to breeding and training quality dogs. We only breed healthy dogs with excellent temperaments which have been tested in real world situations. Our dogs and puppies are family members. They are raised and live indoors. All of our puppies are sold with the best health guarantee available and a lifetime of breeder support.

As Cane Corso breeders, owners, and trainers we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the best advice and information on how to care for your dog or puppy. We can help with the training, diet, excercise, vet care, and ensuring cane corsos grow into obedient family companions.

We offer excellent training facilities for your cane corso which includes an outdoor waterproof stereo system to play soothing music. The soft sound from the speakers calms and relaxes the dogs as they go through their training regimin.

Cane corsos also called Italian Mastiffs are large, athletic, and muscular dogs. They are extremely gentle with children and playful with their family, yet very protective with strangers. With proper training and socialization they make an excellent combination of family companion and protector, but are definately not for everyone. They require firm owners and families understanding of their natural protecive instincts and people who are comforatable with minimal shedding and a little drool when hot.

While Cane Corsos are cute and small as puppies, they do grow into medium-large sized dogs, built powerful and strong. It is very important to properly train and socialize them while they are young puppies and we outline this in our Training section. With proper training, socialization, and nurturing our Puppies will grow into wonderful and protective family companions. Please contact us if you have any questions or for more information