Cane Corso: All Things Considered

Bringing a puppy into the family should not be an impulse decision. The decision needs to be discussed with the family and researched. It seems by the number of phone calls and emails I receive, many people purchase or adopt cane corso puppies without thinking first. A poor and hasty decision to get a new puppy doesn’t work out well for the family and is even worse on a young pup. Before bringing a new family member home consider the following:

  • Have you researched the breed thoroughly?
  • Are all members in the home prepared to handle the new family member?
  • Finances: purchase price is only a small part of overall cost. Bowls, leash, collar, food, vets, training, ect.
  • Puppies are very time consuming. Do you have time for training, play, care, socialization and vet appointments?
  • Yard? Is it fenced?
  • Where will the dog sleep? Space for a crate? Room in the home?
  • Shedding, drooling, Size of dog at maturity?
  • Life Expectancy, 8-12 year commitment
  • Home owners insurance or renting regulations?
  • Other pets in the home, Will they get along?
  • Vacation plans for the dog?
  • Do you already have a vet?

Good decision making benefits not only your family but the puppy as well. Pets can be long and expensive commitments and require proper thought, research, and consideration.

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