A Cane Corso and Winter

Winter in the North can be hard on pets, especially ones who live outdoors.  Although our cane corso puppies and adults live indoors many do not.  An adult Cane Corso can acclimate to cold weather quite well but there are several important factors to consider for their safety. Putting any pet outside in colder temperatures should be a last resort. If there is no other option prepare first. Food, water, shelter, bedding, the dogs age, and acclimation are things to cnsider before putting your pet outside. Lack of proper preparation could be deadly.

Cane Corso Diet  is always important but even more critical in winter.  A Cane Corso needs extra calories in winter to keep warm, so feeding a high quality food is critical.  Dogs can be given a few extra calories during the colder months. Dogs should always have access to fresh and unfrozen water in the winter as well as summer. In many climates the only answer is to use a heated dog bowl to keep water thawed. The bowls are sold many places and usually cost around $20.

A quality shelter is also a necesity to protect the dog from snow, rain, and howling winds. They sell dog house heaters as well if you are feeling guilty.  A cheap drafty house will not cut it. The shelter should also be sized properly for the dog. Too big and the dog may get cold, too small and the dog will not be comfortable.  The shelter also needs bedding material such as straw or cedar shavings.  Generous amounts of straw are required and the dogs will make a cozy little nest from the material.

Health and age should also be taken into consideration before moving your pet outside. A sick, old, or young pup should stay indoors, they will not be able to tolerate the cold as well as a healthy adult. Acclimation to temperature is critical as well. Dogs who have lived indoors need to be slowly introduced to outside temperatures. Their bodies need time to adjust.  I also NEVER recomend  putting a young pup out in the cold, wait till spring if you must. In any case when the temps drop dangerously low all pets should be brought indoors for safety.

Cane Corso puppies


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